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Fresh Ideas to grow your college. Discover the new dimension for your business development.

Our focus is you, your organization, and how we can get results for you. We will identify your business' needs and help you exceed your goals. Contact us today to get Auxicent working for you. 

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Zero Cost, zero risk. We do not succeed until you do.

Based upon a pay-for-performance model, if we are not successful in delivering the results in the specified time period, there is no cost to you.

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Help Colleges achieve their goals and provide business solutions to increase enrollments

Auxicent is committed to providing business solutions and consulting advisory services to educational institutions in the public and private post-secondary education sector, including degree and non-degree programs, trade schools, technical colleges, and other privately held institutions.

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Integrity as a driving force of the company

Auxicent takes seriously its obligation to meet the highest standards of business ethics and integrity. Meeting those standards is the responsibility of all our employees. We apply our core values of Integrity, Respect, Innovation, and Teamwork, through our Code of Conduct. 

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Let's Create Your Campus Growth Strategy Together !

  • What we offer
    What we offer

    Auxicent understands every campus has unique issues, goals, and desired outcomes. We believe every education institution...

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  • Where we deliver
    Where we deliver

    Auxicent's team approach to driving positive business outcomes revolves around our focus on solutions to any given issue or problem.

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  • How we help
    How we help

    Our consulting and BPO services bring expertise to assess, manage, develop, and maintain your campus operations. 

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Our company at a glance

  • Who We Are

    The Auxicent Team is committed to providing fresh business solutions and consulting advisory services to education institutions in the public and private...

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  • Solutions

    Auxicent offers flexible solutions ranging from simple-consultation services to bundled-integrated services. The service can be ...

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  • Resources

    Here are few resources which you may find useful. We have compiled these references and will update these frequently. 

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